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About Sheaghe

You can use Sheaghe to search for any type of rehab service in Georgia. We have a whole database of service providers on the website; each of them registered according to their location, category of service and the types of service they provide.

Using the search tool on the home page of Sheaghe, you can search for registered services by name, region, exact address, or by using keywords that describe the service you are looking for. Alternatively, or for a broader search, you can browse the categories of service, all of which are listed on the right hand side of the home page.

Once your search results appear on the map, simply click on the marker to learn more about that specific service. From here, you can also follow the link to the Service Provider’s profile page, which gives you more detailed information about the services they provide as well as how to find them. You can also message the service provider directly through Sheaghe by using the instant messaging feature at the bottom of the Service Provider’s Profile page.

If you are a service provider and would like to know more about registering your services on Sheaghe, please see here

მაკი ცდილობს მოწყვლადი ჯგუფების ცხოვრების ხარისხის გაუმჯობესებას,  საჭირო რესურსების მიწოდებით, მხარდამჭერი სისტემებისა და მათზე მზრუნველი საზოგადოების გაძლიერების გზით. კომუნიკაცია მონაცემებით: ინოვაციური. ეფექტური. მარტივი.
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ტელეფონი ტელეფონი: უფასო ცხელი ხაზი: 0 800 900 902; ოფისი #: 2197378