Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • 1. What is Sheaghe?

    Sheghe is a free online database that allows you to search for services for persons with disabilities and service provider organizations in and around your community, city or region within the country of Georgia.

    The website is based on a map, which uses markers to show the exact location of the services you are searching for.

  • 2. How does it work?

    You can use Sheaghe to search for any type of service and service provider organization in Georgia.

    We have a whole database of service providers on the website; each of them registered according to their location, category of service and the types of service they provide.

    Using the search tool on the home page of Sheaghe,  you can search for registered services by name, region, exact address, or by using keywords that describe the service you are looking for.

    Alternatively, or for a broader search, you can browse the categories of service, all of which are listed on home page.

    Once your search results appear,  on the home page or on the  map, simply click on the marker to learn more about that specific service.

    From here, you can also follow the link to the Service Provider’s profile page, which gives you more detailed information about the services they provide as well as how to find them.

    You can also message the service provider directly through Sheaghe by using the instant messaging feature at the bottom of the Service Provider’s Profile page.

  • 3. How do I use it?

    Sheaghe helps you search for all types of services for persons with disabilities in the country of Georgia.

    From the home page, you can search for services registered on Sheaghein one of two ways:

    · Choosing the age categories

    · Using the search tool at the top of the page; simply type in the region or a keyword related to the service you are looking for (or both!) and hit enter; OR

    · By directly clicking a category from the list of service categories listed on the screen

    The services you are looking for should appear on the map as a marker. Click on the markers to find out more about the services and follow the links to the Service Provider’s profile page.

    You can use Sheaghe on your computer, tablet or mobile device. For the moment, it’s only available online and with proper Internet connection, but we are working on making it accessible offline too!

  • 4. How do I sign up?

    You can sign up by clicking the "Sign up or Sign in" button on the top left hand side of the home page. From there you need to follow the instructions and fill out the form to create an account. It’s as easy as that!

    Click here if you want to be automatically redirected to the Sign Up page.

  • 5. Why would I want to sign up?

    Signing up gives you access to some additional features of Sheaghe that allow you to:

    - Send instant messages to registered service providers

    - Save a list of Favorite services, so you don’t have to search for them every time

    If you are a service provider you will be able to update and edit your service profile as well as register additional services on the site at any time

  • 6. Can anyone Sign up? What if I don’t live in Georgia?


    Sheaghe is completely free and open source. As long as you have an internet connection and a computer, tablet or mobile device, you are welcome to sign up – even if you don’t live in Georgia.

  • 7. I am a service provider, how can I get my service to show up on Sheaghe?

    If you are a service provider and your service is not yet registered on Sheaghe you will need to Sign up here before you can register your service.

    You will then be given the opportunity to post about your organization and the services provided by the organization.

    You can register by clicking the "Register" button in the upper right corner of the home page. After clicking the button, you will need to follow the instructions and fill out the form to create your account.

    After opening an account, click the "Organization" button on the left side of the home page, after going to the appropriate page, select "Add Organization" and follow the instructions to add services.

    After filling in the information about the organization, select the service provided by your organization, and fill in the information about the service / services you provide.

    Registration is very easy !!!

    In case of difficulties please contact us at the following email  - 

  • 8. I want to Sign Up, but what if I don’t want to give my address or contact details?

    No problem!

    Just leave these sections empty when you are filling out the profile page. You will still need to provide a working email address in order to sign up, but this is so we can make sure you are a real person using the website. We will not use your email address to send spam or any other promotional information, ever. Please read our Privacy Policy if you want to know more about it.

    If you are a service provider organization, when you sign up you will definitely need to provide an address, as the purpose of creating a sign is to make it easier for people to find and contact you.

    We understand that you may not want people to email your personal account, which is why we recommend using a company email address, or opening a new email account that you can use on Sheaghe.

  • 9. There are so many services listed! How do you make sure they are really providing what they claim?

    All services and service providers are reviewed by the Sheaghe team before you are able to search for them on the website. This means we have called, visited or checked the service through someone else to make sure they are real and actively providing the services they say they are. Making sure the information stays accurate and up to date is a little bit trickier, but we have a system in place to make sure the service providers are active in updating their information page on a regular basis.

    If you see a service provider on Sheaghe that you think is giving the wrong information about their services or is no longer operational, please contact us on  and let us know all about it. We will personally follow up every claim.

  • 10. OK, I’ve found the service I need! How can I be sure it is still available?

    The best way to make sure is to contact them! You can do this by calling them, sending them an email or sending an instant message through the website. If it is convenient for you, you can even go there in person.

    As much as we try to make sure that all the services registered on Sheaghe are still functioning and up to date, we acknowledge that some might still slip through the cracks.

    We also cannot guarantee the quality of the services they provide.

    If you see a service provider on Sheaghe that you think is giving the wrong information about their services or is no longer operational, please contact us and let us know all about it. We will personally follow up every claim.

  • 11. I sent an instant message to the service provider. It’s been a long time and I still have no reply from them. What can I do?

    Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot you can do. The instant message is sent to an email account, so it might be that the service provider is away or unable to reply at this time. Some service providers offer a different email address and telephone number on their information page. If you haven’t already, we suggest you give them a try. If there is still no response, or you have a feeling that the service is no longer operational, please let us know here -

  • 12. Is this website only for Georgia? Is it available in any other countries?

    At the moment, Sheaghe is focused on services available only in the country of Georgia. This is reflected in the map on our home screen. Other countries might have similar websites, offering similar services, but we have no association with them.

  • 13. Is it only in Georgian and English?

    Yes, at this time the only languages are Georgian and English.

  • 14. Is Sheaghe only available Online? What if I need to use it and I don’t have an internet connection?

    Yes, at the moment Sheaghe is only available online, but we are working to fix that!

    You can use it on your mobile device if you have access to data; however the site might work a bit slower than usual.

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About Sheaghe

Sheaghe is an online platform,  through which you will find organizations that serve people with disabilities and provide the following services: Social services, Health support services, Educational services, Legal support, Employment support services, etc

The tag is linked to a map showing service providers throughout Georgia, in your region, city or community, their exact address, contact details and detailed information about the service.

The service provider organization can be found using the search function. Through Sheaghe you can email the service provider and rate the service.

Also, through Sheaghe you can learn more about the various developmental disorders. Here you will find reliable information in simple language and clear images on the following disorders: cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Epilepsy, Tics and more. For each disorder, the signs of the disorder, the underlying causes, diagnostic issues, intervention strategies, recommendations, and more are discussed.

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